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Many wonderful individuals have been part of the BAND at The Idea Factory. Each one of them have brought their own ingredient to make this company truly the remarkable idea that it is today. No one person has ever been bigger than the firm so at points of our development when only a few are here, we are but stewards of an idea larger than ourselves.

The Idea Factory was a phenomenon when it was created in San Francisco in 1996. From then to 2001, it redefined the entire definition of innovation, transforming it from being only an outcome to an entire process of thinking and creating. Working with some of the world’s leading companies around the world, The Idea Factory encapsulated everything that was possible about the new global economy that emerged with the advent of the World Wide Web. The people at The Idea Factory represented an entire new way around how work was achieved. From designers and MBAs to futurists and ethnographers, diversity brought alive the value of interpretations and analysis. A new multi-lens problem-solving approach grew inside a 5,000 sq ft studio environment on Third Street, which was as comfortable for musicians as it was for business leaders.

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