We develop capabilities for innovation

At The Idea Factory, we believe that every individual has skills and gifts to offer. No matter the discipline one is trained in, the ability to lend their expertise is much valued. Whether it is in logistical management or high-level strategic thinking, every person counts but no member is more important than the value our company has to offer as a whole. The Idea Factory is a family, and no family is made up of one person.

We develop innovation competency solutions for clients through a variety of programmes¬†customized for their organizations. We also design systemic frameworks so our clients can sustain innovation in their organizations. Through identifying opportunities for innovation with our clients’ organizations through reviews of their current work environment and processes, we then assist in mapping a systemic structure for implementation of new ideas in the organization.

The Idea Factory designs Innovation Audits, Innovation Activist Training Programmes, and Organizational Innovation Frameworks and Processes to help build internal capability for innovation.